What is microblading?

Microblading is the semi permanent solution to thinned, overgroomed and misshapen eyebrows. This technique is ideal for both men and women for enhancing and reshaping eyebrows, creating the illusion of a lift by increasing arch and for camouflaging scars and gaps. Microblading works by filling the brow area with thin "hairstrokes" that look just like your real hair! This technique is great for enhancing an already full brow or for creating the illusion of full brows for those with little to no hair.

What are your services and how much do they cost?

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Is it painful?

The answer to this depends on several factors, however, most clients describe it as feeling light pressure or slight scratching.  We use two numbing agents - one that numbs you prior to beginning the procedure and one that keeps you numb/increases numbness throughout the procedure.  While most clients find it painless to tolerable, on occasion those with lower pain tolerance may experience additional discomfort.  Clients on their menstrual cycle may experience increased discomfort, so it is advised to plan accordingly.

How long will it last?

This answer also depends on several factors - the skin type, skin care and amount/type of activity following the procedure are the greatest factors determining final results.  In any case, typical results can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.  Many clients appreciate this aspect of microblading, given that trends and facial features change over time, thus allowing clients to make adjustments if necessary.

How long does the procedure take?

The initial microblading procedure takes around 2.5 to 3 hours - the first hour is used for numbing, paperwork and measuring and designing your eyebrows, while the remaining 1.5-2 hours is the microblading and final consult portion.
Touchup sessions may only take 1.5-2 hours and mini sessions only take around 1 hour.  
Hairline sessions initially take 3-5 hours with a 2-4 hour touchup.

What is the process like?

The whole process begins with your consultation.  During this time we will discuss your "brow goals" and customize a specific plan for you.  A "scratch test" is highly recommended - this allows us to test both the numbing agent and the pigment in a discreet area at least 24 hours before your appointment.  Once your appointment begins you'll begin numbing while you fill out remaining paperwork and revisit your goals for the procedure.  Afterwards you'll be able to get comfortable on our spa table while we begin creating a temporary design with a special pencil based on a combination of your specific goals and precise measuring to ensure that your eyebrows are just right for your face.  We will not begin implanting pigment until the penciled design is exactly how you want it.   Once the design is approved we begin making a series of scores using a manual tool (not a tattoo gun) to create fine, hair-like strokes that create the illusion of a real eyebrow.   You'll be able to inspect your new brows and request any adjustments before we finish.  Upon completion you'll be advised of your at-home aftercare procedures and will be given the appropriate materials to follow these guidelines.  Within 4-8 weeks you'll be able to schedule your touchup appointment to make any final adjustments to your design.

Why do I need to schedule a touchup session?

With any initial microblading appointment you'll receive a FREE touchup session.  This is considered the second part of the entire process.  This appointment is valuable for a number of reasons including, but not limited to the following: as you get used to your design you may decide you'd like to increase the results (widening, darkening, etc), depending on how well your body takes the pigment you may wind up with some faded spots that need additional pigment, you may notice slight adjustments you want to have made (sometimes a single hair can make all the difference!), we can assess your results and further customize future plans for any touchups to maintain your new brows.

What is the recovery process like?

While you may experience some swelling, redness and a little soreness for several hours afterwards, there is no actual downtime.  You will need to keep provided ointments on the area for about one week and must avoid washing for two days.  Your brows may be darker than you desire for the first few days but they will begin fading to a more natural shade after that.  They may be somewhat itchy for 2-3 days after about one week of recovery, followed by light flaking/peeling in some areas.  While the skin cycles through the full process of healing you may notice the pigment "disappearing" for a few days - this is normal and the pigment will resurface in a few days.  You'll be able to begin wearing makeup on the area if desired after one week.  After four weeks your brows will be fully healed and you will be able to see the end results!

Who is not a candidate for microblading?

Microblading is not suitable for individuals to whom any of the following may apply: Pregnant or nursing
History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring
Diabetes (requires doctor's clearance)
Currently undergoing chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
Viral infections and/or diseases
Pacemaker or major heart problems
Organ transplant
Skin irritations or Psoriasis on or near the treated area
Received deep skin treatment (peels, etc) or deep tan in the last two weeks
Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
Botox in the past 2 months
Accutane in the past year
Heart conditions, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Poor general health.