We understand that paying the full amount at your appointment might be a little much to take on all at once for some.  With this system you'll have full control over the frequency and the amount of your installments! 

To get started toward your procedure, simply fill out the form to get started with your first invoice.  You'll then have the option of setting up automatic payments or simply paying on the invoices when you're comfortable.  You can always adjust your payment frequency or amount, and you can always skip payments or request to pay more depending on your comfort level at the time. Full payment is due the date of your procedure, so simply pay down until you’re comfortable with the remainder!

Amount paid toward your appointment is refundable (minus a $25 service fee) at any time should you change your mind.

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Please note that you will be invoiced at the frequency you choose, but that you'll never be required to pay if you're not comfortable at the time. You're in control!
You can always request to pay more or less (at least $25) than your invoice depending on your current comfort level.

How much are the services?

Microbladed Brows (with touchup) - $495
Microbladed Brows Plus Shading (with touchup) - $530
Mini Microblading Session - $130
Microblading (with touchup) Gift Certificate - $495
Fibroblast Skin Tightening, Small Area - $175+
Fibroblast Skin Tightening, Large Area - $450+
Skin Blemish Removal - $95+