About us

Shape Up Brow Studio (SUBS) strives to be the best brow studio around by providing the most quality services to our wonderful clients.  We're obsessed with brows and great skin, and for good reason - your brows have a huge impact on your overall appearance (they frame your eyes, improve facial symmetry and balance, define your features and can even provide a more youthful appearance), and great skin is imperative for staying youthful and healthy looking. 

In addition to give extra confidence to as many of our wonderful clients possible, we also strive to better our community!  SUBS was founded on the notion of positive transformation of confidence within our clients and of the world we live in.  To help achieve this, we will unconditionally donate 10% of all of the proceeds acquired through our services.  Check out the "Giving Back" page for more information!

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Meet the Owner & Technician

Artist and studio owner Charli J. Reno will be your brow artist during any visit to our studio!
Her fine arts and beauty background, attention to detail and positive spirit in combination with professional training and experience will make your visit enjoyable and leave you feeling confident!  


Why just a few services?

Ever been to a food buffet where each item on the line was absolutely exceptional?  I haven't (if you have, please fill us in)!
Instead of offering a full menu of beauty services we've opted for being really good at a couple of things - giving you AMAZING brows, lips and skin!  Quality over quantity - it's that simple.